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October 25, 2007

Are Microchip Implants Safe?

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microchipimplants.jpgFor a number of years, medical experimentation and research has been underway on the risks of inserting tracking chips (RFID) within the human body. The possibility of misuses for this technology are astounding and likely. The world of finance and retail have been excited by the possibilities of implanted chips in customers. The likes of IBM are involved in creation and implementation of the new tracking technology. Financial institutions want to use the technology for quick and convenient checkouts without the use of plastic cards. Unfortunately for the profiteers, the results in lab animals have not been promising. Cancers are the main repercussions to the chip implants.

“this summer, a large pilot program involving hundreds of human patients got under way at the Alzheimer’s Community Care agency in West Palm Beach, Florida. The maker of the RFID chips used in the program, VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of the Delray Beach–based Applied Digital Solutions, is funding the initiative and wants to market its tags to the roughly 45 million high-risk patients in the U.S.”

TIME article “Are Microchip Tags Safe/”


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