Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

January 5, 2008

Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

There has been some modest debate about sources regarding the ownership of the Fed or the Federal Reserve Bank. As you well know, in the corporate world, shareholders are held to be the owners of the company, but are in reality the controllers. In theory, these shareholders can be bought out through their shares and portions of ownership replaced with new ownership. The corporate entity, while not a person, is a legal structure in its own right controlled by established shareholders. Who are the shareholders controlled by? The interests of the shareholders is in maintaining the corporation as well as maintaining the charter, organization and mission of the corporate entity while they keep the money coming in to bolster their net worth, empowering the corporation and pursuing the purposes of the corporation. The shareholders of the United States Federal Reserve Bank are noted as the Rothchilds and other miscellaneous European folks. As the shareholders, most consider them the owners. The control isn’t in the ownership, but rather the hierarchy or control structure of the world banking system. This hierarchy is what spells out the reality of “ownership” through control. Proof of control by Rome with very recent documents is easy enough. (Proof of ownership by the Catholic Church is a little more interesting and won’t be covered in this text) Happily, there is no need to access or research ancient documents to find proof of ownership or control of the world banking system. In the reorganization of the Bank of Rome several years ago, we have all the evidence needed to see what is going on behind the scenes. I have “a smoking gun” from the documents of the Federal Reserve that outlines the control of the banking system. Rather than make this article longer, I am posting the contents of this recent document on the “World Bank Structure” for your study. This document isn’t necessarily easy to read, but is clear enough in outline and purpose showing that the hierarchy or control of the banking system is the Bank of Rome. As I have stated before, this banking system and its hold on the world is nothing new, but the depth of its grip on the civilized world is. ~ E. Manning


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