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January 29, 2008

Islam Banking Debate in Canada

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Read about the interesting stand that some Muslims are taking in Canada. Canadian bankers want in on the potential profits.

“Islamic banking is nothing more than an attempt by Islamists, with backing from Middle Eastern financial institutions and their Western partners, to scare Muslim Canadians into believing that they should pay more to the banks and demand less in return, as an act of religiosity.”

Report On Business 1/29/2008

“What we need is a better deal from the banks for all Canadians, rather than dividing us up into religious groups and pacing obstacles in the way of better integration of all Canadians,” Ms. Hassan said. “Religion has no place in the banking or mortgage industry.”

“In Ottawa, meantime, decision-makers are mulling how to handle a banking trend that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually in the Islamic world and may be attractive to Canadian Muslims, known as the fastest growing immigrant population.”


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