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April 4, 2008

The Fed: A Corporate Socialist?

“I am very troubled by the failure of Bear Stearns, and I do not like the idea of the Fed getting involved in a bailout of that company. But before making a final judgment, I want to hear from our witnesses why they thought it was necessary to stop the invisible hand of the market from delivering discipline. That is socialism — at least that’s what I was taught, and I would imagine everybody at that table was taught the same thing — and it must not happen again.” – Senator Jim Bunning, Republican-Kentucky at the Senate Banking Committee – partial audio of quote

bernanke-congress.jpgMuch of the country, including Senator Bunning, apparently hasn’t figured out is that the United States is being run by a multinational corporation without the underpinnings or claims of freedom and liberty. With new multinational expansion on a global basis, the central banks of the world have a commercial multinational shadow system that has transcended national sovereignty. Countries like the United States think they have control over the global corporate world, but nothing could be further from the truth. The roles of power have been carefully reversed. The United States government has made the nation totally dependent on the operations of the Federal Reserve.

Corporations don’t run like a national republic. Since the Federal Reserve is a corporate branch of a global society of international bankers, corporate interests are well established with a global state-of-mind.

Lawmakers were concerned that the Fed would be pocketing extra money beyond interest and that monetary issues were being left entirely up to the Federal Reserve. The corporate agenda of the Fed seems to be invisible to most citizens and policy makers.

Bernanke and the other Fed officials are not politicians. They weren’t elected and nobody really knows their political leanings. In principle, the Fed members operate as economists that manipulate the value and perception of money for the U.S. government.

Senator Bunning wrongly assumed that Bernanke or any member of the Federal Reserve would put anything other than monetary principles and their own corporate interests as priority. The bottom line is that expedience is a powerful motivator. The bailout of Bear Stearns was a move of expedience.

paulsen-bernanke.jpgU.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson operated in a move of expediency and perhaps panic as well. Whether this make him a socialist is questionable. Even most politicians don’t measure themselves with a socialist yardstick. Why do you think the country is in so much trouble and conflict? Look at Hillary Clinton and other Democrats with the legislative history that they possess. Look at social engineering based on tax law, welfare reform and unconstitutional federal law that is actively promoted.

Based on what Senator Bunning expressed, are our own politicians really any better than Bernanke? The difference is that social engineering specialists like Hillary Clinton are governmental socialists. If you need proof, you need to look at their politics. The proof is in the pudding.


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  1. Bernanke doesn’t consider himself a socialist. He is looking after his own corporate best interests. In his mind this is an apolitical decision for the purpose of maximizing profits.

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