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April 15, 2008

The Fed: Part of a New World Order

World Bankers don’t usually have the gift of great visionary prose. They haven’t yet revealed the man to field those ideas to the world, but the ideas of world revolution are in place right now. Federal Reserve Governor Kevin Warsh has expressed the kernel of sweeping global change in a new world vision! Does he know what he has? Yes. A new voice is needed, a new translation of vision. Global banking needs a global talking head. This new figurehead will be on the scene soon to express the beautiful truth of international visionary profiteering that will solve the problems of the world! The world has the makings of a new global structure, even religion. The saviors of the world are here at last! ~ E.M.

The sleepy complacency of the past has been rudely interrupted by a liquidity shock of colossal proportions. The skies of finance are dark and stormy. The drama within the banking and financial industries is unprecedented. The old financial system has not kept pace with the creativity of the minds in banking. New structured products designed to create profit and a new generation of wealth has frozen the core and means of banking and monetary finance. Fear rises like a giant bird of prey.

The old engineers of the new world in financing created only financial turmoil and calamity. The lack of understanding and foresight in their own system is fully birthed. The authority of the Federal Reserve and the world of central bankers stepped as a White Knight to supply the golden nectar of liquidity, the support of national confidence in the financial community. The golden nectar has laid the appearance of a new foundation and a new measure of confidence.

The gods of finance have taken full center and given the healing prescription for national and global healing. The international gods of banking have used great innovation to save commercial bankers from themselves. The golden nectar of liquidity that the gods have lavished upon the system has evolved the system. The crush of credit woes and the threat of hyperinflation combined with national impatience further darken economic skies.

The imagination of consumers and small business struggle with the task at hand: prosperity. The prosperity that the banking community thought to extract from the populace with no ill effect has yielded its ripened fruit. The bankers have little confidence and have drawn back to protect the kernel of their business. The very logic they used to prosper life has frozen their ability to conduct business.

Examination and reflection isn’t something commercial bankers know. They haven’t considered the reality of why they hurt. Instead, they seek to find a way out at any cost. The White Knights of central banking has arrived to save the world, but at what cost? The turmoil and drama still exist. The bread and butter, the tools that bankers have created are frozen. Fear of short-term destruction has cast a gray pall over the banking world.

The White Knights have ideas to reshape the business models of the banking world. They seek to exercise the full power they have been given by the economic masses of society. The White Knights will manipulate and mitigate the disaster.

They guarantee nothing. By their own admission, they cannot ensure a more durable return of trust to the nation’s financial architecture. The White Knights of central banking see the golden nectar of public liquidity as a cheap substitute for private liquidity. They want the liquidity and they have it. The White Knights promote the idea of global multinationalism and the power it holds. Bring the globalists and the existing money structure to center stage and credit marketing will be restored. Support for economic growth will be restored! It’s a great new world of opportunity for everyone that holds large amounts of liquidity today.

In the eyes of the White Knights, the Society of International Bankers, they are the embodiment of liquidity. Liquidity is confidence. It couldn’t be more simple to understand! Their liquidity/confidence combined with the liquidity/confidence of the multinationals will rule the world! Can you catch the vision friends? A new era is upon us!

“This decline in confidence, while painful is understandable. Investors and financial institutions became complacent in their abilities – and the ability of credit rating agencies – to evaluate credit risks of complex structured products.” Commercial bankers were mistaken and made grave misjudgments. This truth requires new forms of “credit intermediation”. The opportunity for a new world is here.

The international banking Knights of Templar will transform financial institutions. “Changing forms of financial intermediation are expected.” The White Knights of the Fed will have to liquidate the overproduced securities that the banking community holds at the expense of the national populace and the nation. The old business models may be upended. The world of banking is embarking on a new revolution. Many bankers will be frightened at the radical new approaches to old ways of doing business. A new form of “asset-gathering” will take place to balance the “beaten-down classes of structured and debt products.” Nothing, not even currency change, is too radical for the White Knights. Action is necessary for the economy to be saved. National and global security is at stake. The Pope is here to check out the State of the Union.

Commercial banking and finance must dramatically reduce dividends and repurchasing programs. Yes, they will raise new capital for a new world of superior banking liquidity and confidence. The benefits will be astounding and real.

The White Knights are clearly committed to financial markets rather than individual firms. They are concerned about the golden nectar of liquidity only to the degree that the market is stressed. The birth of a new world of strong and powerful multinationals will rise as survival of the fittest takes full siege in the human world.

The White Knights of the global central banks vow to make dramatic changes that many will fail to understand. They won’t overstay their welcome. They long to step back and reap the rewards of their labors from new radical economic architecture.

A new philosophy for liquidity and volatility is needed. International banking has the answers. Pain is a natural course of action that needs to be suffered. The White Knights do not want their liquidity to be confused with national liquidity. Volatility is a friend. In the mind of international banking, we must suffer for a time and suffer we will.

The White Knights have cut interest by 3 points since August. They recognize the impact of inflation and devaluation and will monitor for the appearance of hyperinflation. As a golden age of “financial intermediation” begins, “monetary policy will become more efficacious.” They recognize that the factor of time remains an important tool in healing old wounds. Some suffering is unavoidable for the massive sins of the nation.

“Fish don’t know they are wet. And they don’t learn unless their memories are long or the water is gone.” A new paradigm of thinking is on the horizon, but market-supplied liquidity must predominate. The White Knights will rebuild, but will not entirely fund the measures required. National and global wealth will fund their measures.

The fact that Governor Warsh failed to admit is that fish don’t think. By implication, the nation is the fish and international bankers are preparing to clean the fish tank.



  1. Kevin Warsh = complete idiot.

    Another Bush kiss ass. “…and Kevin, you’re doing a great job”

    Mark H.

    Comment by Mark Herpel — April 25, 2008 @ 7:24 pm

  2. I tell the truth, the time is coming, the time has already come,when whatever is hidden in the dark will be brought out into the light. The people of the world will receive discernment, to know what is wrong.
    What ever is evil shall have judgment and justice brought to it. How terrible it will be for those who try to control the world making human life subject to its’ hypocrisy. For those trying to control and manipulate world dominance, shall have great “WRATH” and “JUDGMENT” like has never been seen before on earth. How terrible it is, to gain the whole world and yet lose your own soul. Those pagan organizations know who you are. You are the organizations that have tried to put the people of the world into slavery and bondage. No longer will our law enforcement, and military personnel, be tricked into sacrificing their life on the front lines, for the secret societies that do things in the name of money, power,and greed.

    No longer will the people of the world defend and protect you secret societies that are equivalent to the “Roman Empire” from thousands of years ago. I tell you the truth many of our law enforcement and military are deciding not to enlist or re-enlist around the world. And you governments shall fall, and not one stone will be left on another. Jesus Christ said,” I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the father except by me.” So if in fact this statement is true, how is it then corrupt leaders expect to make it into heaven. I tell you the truth, fear no man on earth and let no one deceive you.Seek to look for wisdom and understanding from the “Holy Spirit” and he will direct your path. Pray for one another without ceasing, and if you do so, then if God, himself is with you, who can be against you. Build up your treasures in heaven, and not on the earth. The time has come, when in the world the old will pass away and everything will be made new. Satan, and his demonic “New World Order” along with the false prophets shall go into the burning lake of sulfering fire, to where they can do no more harm. People of the world must learn to walk by faith and not by sight, trusting and believing in the one true savior, Jesus Christ,whoever does this and repents will be entered into the “Lambs Book of Life.” There is no sin to great that God Himself,would not forgive if people would only ask.

    Comment by William Rist — April 26, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

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