Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

April 22, 2008

It’s Corporate Investment Stupid!

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Things are really bad in the United States. The economy is in trouble and fear rules Wall Street. Banks and other financial companies are posting huge losses. The Federal Reserve has had to engineer a rescue of investment banks to stabilize the markets. Home prices are sinking. The spending power of the dollar is shrinking. The United States has become the Untied States. BS, baby.

I have a habit of watching CNN with the volume off and watching the ticker scroll across the bottom of the screen. I get far better information from that black bar than I do the pretty pictures. You will too. Lately, CNN has been trying to be optimistic despite the bad news. You can read the difference from the last few months. They want to feel good about something.

If you’ve been reading this website at all, you know the truth about the corporate oligarchy. I’ve waxed poetically and factually about the truth because that is what we do here. The corporate multinationals, with the help of the United States and other national economies have managed to transcend the very national economies that support them. It’s the global economy stupid!

Well, not entirely. The central banking community and the International Society of International Bankers are just as fearful about the global economy. The outlook in the global economy for the short-term isn’t rosy because of nasty U.S. securitized blight that has been spread throughout the globe. The work of International Bankers is never done. International banking is the work-a-holics paradise.

The Corporate Oligarchy a/k/a corporate multinationals are feeling some effects overall, but are still cushioned from a single economy and have the benefit of the strongest currency. They have been largely freed from the regular constraints of national citizens. Corporate multinationals are not impervious to world changes, but are better positioned to prosper in the global economy than any single economy. The Corporate Oligarchy operates outside the realm of nationality.

This is a tremendous advantage to open-minded people. The opportunity is tremendous for even the poorest man or woman in the United States. Think outside the box. You have the same opportunity to prosper as long as you have internet access and the will to try. Need I say more? Probably, but I won’t say what’s really on my mind today. You won’t get investment advice from me either. That is one of the problems in this brave new world. We’re each on our own. Even our country isn’t truly willing to help us to prosper. If I told you what was really on my mind, they would want to slap me in irons. It’s not criminal by any stretch of the imagination, but way too dangerous to have thousands of “mini-mes” running around doing the same thing. Just remember to think outside the box. It beats being run over by U.S. political/economic steamroller.

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