Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

August 24, 2008

To Know Inflation is to Love Inflation

A recent survey of top economists shows that many are growing more concerned about inflation and slightly less worried about mortgage and credit market problems. Economists love to worry, based on the terms of their limited value in the system altogether. They love to measure, calculate and count beans, but somehow are most always wrong. Someone else is always more right depending on the politics. The devil, you see, is in the presentation.

The financial crisis that has pounded the United States, coupled with higher inflation than the Fed cares for, is taking a larger toll on the U.S. economy than planned and poses a major challenge to the Fed’s ability to restore order. The Fed has a planned inflation rate, which is essentially the fee they charge, along with copious interest charges, to support the International Society of Bankers, the bevy of global central banks. The more money they generate, the more they can send to Rome and Switzerland to horde more gold and precious metals.

In fact, you could consider inflation a good thing. Why? Everyone, all the way to the top, suffers a loss of buying power because of the slippery slope of inflation. Inflation forces creativity upon the business world and the land of government. Still, nobody is more creative than central bankers, as they invent more ways to snatch the lifeblood of your labor. The theft of inflation is real. Inflation is a planned part of international banking prowess. Bankers may be riding a wave of wealth, but they don’t get to enjoy it. They store and horde their wealth with only the thought of building more to horde more. It’s a sickness that never ends. If you like revenge, bankers have it coming, whether in this world or the world to come.


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