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January 26, 2009

Economy and U.S. Treasury: A Dilemna of Principle?

geithner-for-treasury-secretaryThis afternoon the United States Senate will vote on Tim Geithner’s nomination for U.S. Treasury Secretary. He has been hand-picked by the Obama administration from the Federal Reserve. In a poll by American Solutions for Winning the Future, those participating in the poll thought of his nomination in light of his tax mistakes. With more than 83,000 people responding, an overwhelming 98% of those polled voted to oppose Geithner.

geithners-furrowed-brow2Is it wrong for someone who failed to pay $34,023 in taxes to become Treasury Secretary in charge of taxation and economic policy application? As U.S. Treasury Secretary, he will be in charge of administering any future bailouts with government funding through the taxpayer. American Solutions says that this is about principle. If Geithner is approved, will he will be a symbol of ‘favoritism’ and ‘rich politicians’ getting a different deal than the rest of us? Or perhaps Tim Geithner is someone just like you. He makes mistakes. Should Tim Geithner have a higher level of accountability than the average American citizen? Do we really want a crossover from the Federal Reserve in government administering your money? Is this a government buyoff to give the Federal Reserve more power in exchange for continuing support and funding from central bankers? What do you think? ~ E. Manning

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  1. I doubt that Geithner is any worse than the rest. Which still makes him a top notch crook though. The question is not whether Geithner should have accountability – the question is whether all government elects should have accountability. They tend to forget that they actually dont have any money of their own.

    // hpx Save capitalism

    Comment by hpx83 — January 26, 2009 @ 2:25 pm

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