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January 7, 2011

European Union: Pope Establishes Agency to Oversee Vatican Bank

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New public evidence has finally emerged proving that the Vatican Bank, the mother of all the modern banking system, is under the firm control of the Roman Catholic Church, the continuation of the old Roman Empire. With an apostolic letter and a convention between Vatican City State and the European Union, the Vatican is making efforts to ensure “complete financial transparency.”

The European Union has been afraid of losing their state of peace lately, and so, has enacted new laws to strengthen and unify the European Confederacy. These laws deal with financial transparency to prevent terrorism financing, the counterfeiting of Euro banknotes and coins, and the copyright of designs on Euro coins.

The “Holy See,” which is “legally distinct from Vatican City State” and “which directs entities and institutions active in various areas, has adopted as its own the ‘Law concerning the prevention and countering of the laundering of proceeds from criminal activities and of the financing of terrorism,'” the communiqué explained.

The inclusion of the Vatican Bank is to confirm its “firm intention to operate according to principles and criteria which are internationally recognized.” No more embarrassing Vatican Bank scandals and a new order of transparency is the goal.

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