Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

June 10, 2009

Economy: Good Prospects Beyond White Collar Jobs

Voices of reason have long proclaimed that the only key to a decent future is a college education as we trumpet excess, luxury and credit for all. The halls of academia do not suit every temperament, nor can the world operate only through the league of white collar employment and office jobs. Who will take care of the national infrastructure, manufacturing and all those green jobs that the nation has been promised? A sedentary, artery-clogging, boss-centered lifestyle is not a requirement to exist in America. Yet, hundreds of thousands of American youth have been or continue to buy into massive college loans if credit is available. Nearly half of students who start college will drop out before graduating. Our country has been facing major workforce shortages for years, which have been taken up by illegals in many cases. They are the latest attempt by big business and government to create a new subclass of American worker in which to found a new nation.

white-collar-crimeWithout question, the nation has been suffering where jobs are concerned, brought about by nothing less than white collar crime. You can’t really talk about careers since corporates nip millions of so-called careers in the bud every year due to their own self-interest. That reality existed before the recession stripped the nation of what millions of Americans see as their only self-respect: the job.

America has been convinced working a corporate job is the only way to live. The white collar job has been sold as the American stock and trade. The federal government has been very happy with this campaign as corporations and big business are highly complicit with federal law and the collection of taxes. As a result of this nearsighted approach, the American labor force has been selling itself short and has allowed itself to be deluded about the future and personal potential for the future.

We are being told that only by following rules and leadership of big business, the corporate and the academic world, can Americans possibly prosper. Has this proclaimed fact proved to be true? Are you truly being prospered now? Has the nation prospered? Think for yourself. You are your own best friend and are fully capable of supporting yourself if you are willing to think outside the box that the government, big business and corporates have made for you. There is hope. Great personal success can exist outside the cubicle. You are not a slave…at least not per the founding documents of America. ~ E. Manning

January 4, 2009

Prospects for 2009

affordable-banking1At first blush, prospects in 2009 look pretty grim. Unemployment is predicted to top 9%, massive retrenchment in the stock market industry, bailouts on the way combined with a generally accepted view that life isn’t likely to get better any time soon. Cynicism is easy to get into with all the attempts at rosy predictions on the local news. Just keep on following the same old rules of society  and exactly what you know. All will be okay if you keep doing the same thing, you are told. You may be on the edge of despair.

Uncertainty and pessimism color attitudes toward predictions that suggest that growth is ahead.  These forecasts are seen as wishful thinking or  completely out of touch. Commerce and ecommerce was hammered last year and is likely to be half this year of what 2008 was. There isn’t a decline in the number of online buyers, but a pronounced decrease in consumer spending as consumers cling even tighter to their purse strings. With the blues in commerce and the digital economy come some unprecedented opportunities for the small businessperson with new ideas to present. It is mostly a matter of skill and patience. Operating under the same rules of supply and demand is the past for businesses that seek to prosper.

One recent bright spot has been in the cost of fuel. Just when Americans were facing a deep freeze in the north, the government got tough on futures commodities, bursting the bubble by taking the energy out of energy futures gambling. Investor abuse in futures was circumvented for the short term. It would seem that the direction of oil-based commodities will be determined by whether or not there is a prolonged worldwide recession and how quickly emerging markets can bounce back. You can bet all your hard-earned cash that opportunists are still looking for a way to get back into a profitable and inflated oil futures market. As a result, a wiser nation is still faced with a retrenchment as far as the wise use of energy and the promotion of the so-called green energy industry, creating great opportunities, perhaps even creatively speaking.  A boom in technology is likely to ensue.

thomas-edisonThis writer is usually bearish on the established community of profiteers and abusers that seek to profit only themselves through the use of other people’s money and rightly so. This does not preclude opportunities for the creative mind, even on a shoestring budget. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. (Thomas Edison) With the nation facing an economic depression at worst, some Americans will continue to prosper. Whether you are one of those Americans actually has something to do with your mindset and what you choose to do. The credit squeeze will only intensify despite unprecedented measures to recapitalize the banking system and get lending flowing again. You can’t depend on the same old popular wisdom including educational hype and kissing up to the boss. Who profits from all that lame advise? Think about it. Don’t give up and get creative without being dependent on the latest trends, opinions and polling stupidity.  Discontent is the first necessity of progress. ~ E. Manning

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