Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

May 26, 2009

Corporate Control through the Digital Economy

The digital economy has become synonymous with the large amount of global data, often blindly called information, that the world creates through life on the internet. Those corporate rustlers in the data storage business are doing very well indeed even though the immediate rewards of this investment remain mostly in the future while the world endures the continuing fallout from a global financial meltdown.

end of advertisingMost of this corporate benefit has been on the backs of corporate slavery in the backrooms and factories of the third-world as the increasing strength of a global corporate fascism grows and concretes influence in the world. Jobs in America and any economic powerhouse have been sold to the lowest bidder, typically overseas by corporate junkets that claim to have your best interests at heart. They have sold you their truth that life is simply about consumption of goods. Live for the moment. Just do it. Obey your thirst. Corporate fascists are there to rake in the profits while that opportunity exists in the hope of building a global society that they can further rule, influence and plunder.

Right after 9/11, George Bush did not instruct Americans to pray or to unite in common purpose in religious temples. Instead, President Bush encouraged America to go out and shop in temples of commerce. America must not allow terrorists to divert the economy that defines ‘our’ society and power. Through that very economic engine and toil, corrupt and cynical corporate executives of financial institutions have plunged the economies of virtually every nation into the tailspin of recession and employment stagnation. This action of corporate fascists has not been truly recognized and they remain in control as never before as the controllers of currency and commerce. They remain central to ongoing efforts to revive the decimated global economy.

Fascist corporatism now defines the world. America and much of the modern world has a fear of any lack of consumption like the global economy is enduring now. We must be convinced that we must buy now and pay later for the very system in place depends on this reality. Even worse, America has come to realize that the rest of the world has been funding this endeavor in recent years as the fever of fascist consumerism broke with the economic overheating. Much of the world and notably most Americans can no longer continue to eat at the trough of ardent consumerism that has been propelled into superstardom over the last several decades. Credit has been maxed out and personal income commandeered by corporate and government fascists as they stoke the temporary delusions of their bottom line.

The human race has turned the space race into the information age of science and technology, an endless storage bin of computer space into which we cast our hopes, dreams and fantasies, even our futures and of course, the corporate bottom line…for better or worse. We are addicted and will be manipulated to meet the needs of the current powers in place or those that reside in the future.

human lobsterIs there any other reason for the expansion of millions of terrabytes of digital power out there? Does home video really make that much money for corporate fascists? Hardly. Do personal blogs hold the purpose of the world? Unlikely. We are simply human lobsters in what will be a boiling pot given enough time. Humans are food for government control and corporate fascists. We haven’t realized the plans of the power structure in place just yet, even as the plans of those in influence continue to evolve and materialize. It is all about the power of psychology and what information global corporates can mine from your life to benefit themselves, their financial structure and to build their future. Google has only begun to mine data from your life. They may well know more about you than you do. Once that data is used to influence and manipulate, advertising and data mining achieve their pinnacle of success in the name of convenience and customer service.

The American miracle of the internet now holds the building blocks of a new global economy and global manipulation that has never been seen before. The ‘new fascists’ proclaim innovation in technology and processes with the idea of world domination for their own good. The rights of the individual mean nothing in the grand scheme. The small businessman must be crushed or controlled by higher powers. You are simply a means to their end: record profits and control of the market at any cost. The internet will be their social tool. The digital economy is an expansion of the human third-world flesh factory as billions of human lives continue to pour into a global mechanism of control and manipulation.

January 4, 2009

Prospects for 2009

affordable-banking1At first blush, prospects in 2009 look pretty grim. Unemployment is predicted to top 9%, massive retrenchment in the stock market industry, bailouts on the way combined with a generally accepted view that life isn’t likely to get better any time soon. Cynicism is easy to get into with all the attempts at rosy predictions on the local news. Just keep on following the same old rules of society  and exactly what you know. All will be okay if you keep doing the same thing, you are told. You may be on the edge of despair.

Uncertainty and pessimism color attitudes toward predictions that suggest that growth is ahead.  These forecasts are seen as wishful thinking or  completely out of touch. Commerce and ecommerce was hammered last year and is likely to be half this year of what 2008 was. There isn’t a decline in the number of online buyers, but a pronounced decrease in consumer spending as consumers cling even tighter to their purse strings. With the blues in commerce and the digital economy come some unprecedented opportunities for the small businessperson with new ideas to present. It is mostly a matter of skill and patience. Operating under the same rules of supply and demand is the past for businesses that seek to prosper.

One recent bright spot has been in the cost of fuel. Just when Americans were facing a deep freeze in the north, the government got tough on futures commodities, bursting the bubble by taking the energy out of energy futures gambling. Investor abuse in futures was circumvented for the short term. It would seem that the direction of oil-based commodities will be determined by whether or not there is a prolonged worldwide recession and how quickly emerging markets can bounce back. You can bet all your hard-earned cash that opportunists are still looking for a way to get back into a profitable and inflated oil futures market. As a result, a wiser nation is still faced with a retrenchment as far as the wise use of energy and the promotion of the so-called green energy industry, creating great opportunities, perhaps even creatively speaking.  A boom in technology is likely to ensue.

thomas-edisonThis writer is usually bearish on the established community of profiteers and abusers that seek to profit only themselves through the use of other people’s money and rightly so. This does not preclude opportunities for the creative mind, even on a shoestring budget. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. (Thomas Edison) With the nation facing an economic depression at worst, some Americans will continue to prosper. Whether you are one of those Americans actually has something to do with your mindset and what you choose to do. The credit squeeze will only intensify despite unprecedented measures to recapitalize the banking system and get lending flowing again. You can’t depend on the same old popular wisdom including educational hype and kissing up to the boss. Who profits from all that lame advise? Think about it. Don’t give up and get creative without being dependent on the latest trends, opinions and polling stupidity.  Discontent is the first necessity of progress. ~ E. Manning

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