Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

August 7, 2010

Dollar Deflation & the Grave Economy

Dark economic clouds are gathering over the United States as a second stage of national distraction arrives. Now that the BP disaster is over with, a new topic of angst is needed. Right on cue, the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke are considering the economic pains of their patient while looking after their own corporate bottom line and the continued enrichment of international bankers.

Bernanke warned in a speech eight years ago that “sustained deflation can be highly destructive to a modern economy” by leading  to a slow death from a rising real burden of debt. “Sufficient injections of money will ultimately always reverse a deflation,” claimed Bernanke.

New banking assessment by big commercial banking interests (Barclays, RBS, et al.) outside the U.S. show that the dollar is in a corner. Wedged tighter in that corner is the United States, which is now wholly dependent on the banking debt that continues to strip the nation. Uncle Ben and his international banking buddies are facing deflationary pressures as economic pressures fueled by rampant unemployment. Their perfect answer will be to start up the printing presses and to flood the international market with still more dollars, which I must admit will only fuel the fire of deflation.

One answer is to create another crisis with competing currencies. The Euro is a perfect candidate for more distraction, while international bankers continue to drain European and Asians nations of their wealth wherever possible. The Wall Street expansion into Europe and Asia has created still more opportunities to distract from dollar reality. Believe it or not, there are still more precious resources to drain. Multinational corporations are now in the cross hairs.

President Obama doesn’t really enter the equation. Perhaps he will once again arise to take “full responsibility” as he did in the BP debacle. No matter. The Washington lawmakers that create brilliant policy don’t matter, except to approve the imaginary creation of still more greenbacks, ringing their hands in political pretense as they hold out their hands for kickbacks and such. All of these cronies are mere cosmetic agents as international bankers continue the next phase of their rape and pillage policy. Bernanke is preparing to start with massive quantitative easing.

The warfare manual for international bankers says to print more dollars. They haven’t hit their 5 trillion dollar target yet. That is their goal. To completely denude the resources and capital of nations so that they can create their own nation that officially rules over all nations. They have the nations and banking community. They now seek the sustenance of the corporate oligarchy. Wall Street is simply a vehicle to bring this about. They seek ultimate power while pretending to be obsequious and eager to please. The idea is to bring the current system to its knees. Even though we have been conned by phoney money, they hold almost all of the real resources of value. We think the debt is real and have traded all manner of resources and labor for it.

Meanwhile, economic contraction is in the wings for the United States. The leading indicator per the Economic Cycle Research Institute is falling faster than since World War II. CPB Netherlands shows real issues with world trade. There is plenty more behind the scenes that shows a truly grave problem for thinking inside the box. Prepare for the unthinkable.

November 11, 2008

Britain: New Global Order and Finance

the only thing to fear is fear itself

the only thing to fear is fear itself

History seems to be in the making. The British Prime Minister is on the forefront of digital and economic globalization that sees the current turmoil in the world economy offers a chance to build a “new global order” based on cooperation and opportunity.

Mr. Brown summarized his approach as internationalist, interventionist and progressive, an approach he believes should make the world confident for the future, making 2008 a year to be remembered not for the financial crash, but for the way in which the world “endured it and prevailed”.

pm-and-lord-mayor-banquetOnce again, the British are on the forefront of promoting a new empire of global unity as an enduring power of ideals that promotes a global society that rises to meet challenges as they arise. The Prime Minister sees financial stability as an international duty of peace and unity. He wants to use U.N. peacekeepers to enforce the peace through the reduction of weapons, both nuclear and otherwise.

He speaks of getting behind the United States to bring about a new change of global mission even though at this time, neither George Bush or Barack Obama are now speaking about this mission. Barack Obama has dropped hints. Could something be going on behind the scenes that isn’t public knowledge? This prospect seems likely.

Prime Minister Brown gives high meaning to what he sees as the new Bretton Woods accord, involving the creation of a new monetary age and a new age of international cooperation. He is promoting getting rid of old orthodoxies in exchange for building on a new global solution of prosperity through the World Bank and new measures to sustain growth. This effort seems to built around the charismatic conviction of Gordon Brown and Barack Obama. You should be paying attention. For those that are concerned with Biblical prophecy, this is a very interesting item to take note of. ~ E. Manning

April 8, 2008

The Fed: A New Mood Stabilizer

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. proposes to overhaul the U.S. financial system by transforming the Federal Reserve into a “market stability regulator” instead of the nation’s banking and money source. Mr. Paulson feels secure putting the International Society of Bankers in direct control of the U.S. economy.

Behind the scenes, a strong possibility exists that because the United States faces a 10 trillion dollar national debt soon, giving the global banking system economic control of this country is required to keep full monetary support. Deep dark rumors say that the International Bankers are tired of American excess and have been considering pulling the plug unless they get a bigger piece of the pie and more control. The price of greedy bankers and governmental unwillingness to use restraint in promoting raw profiteering has effectively put the United States economy up for sale. The new plans of the U.S. Treasury Department play right (more…)

March 30, 2008

Are International Bankers Out of Options?

imf_worldbank_r2_c2.jpgThe banking financial crisis is far from over, but the market and commercial bankers are hopeful. With the recent enhancement of Federal Reserve power and newly executed monetary provisions, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the G-10 international bankers appear to be out of future options. Government regulators, officials and economists are calling for more regulation. Future regulation doesn’t solve the immediate dangers or the scandal. Deregulation is often blamed for the banking debacle, but nothing could be further from the truth. The banking crisis was created from lack of integrity and accountability, not strictly from lack of laws or regulation. The mainstream media would have you believe that somehow, international bankers are in trouble because they cannot contain or are somehow at risk in this current financial crisis. The risk is likely very different than it is usually portrayed. In a gratuitous move, the International Society of Bankers have opened their pockets to the crisis, notably in the United States. What are international bankers getting in return?

For the short-term, international bankers receive regular interest payments from debtor countries on fiat money created from thin air. The value of this fiat money is highly suspect and open to interpretation. The money isn’t formally backed by gold, but the international bankers hold huge quantities of gold as monetary and national collateral. In essence, the fiat money is backed by gold in a sense. The gold or other precious metals are no longer the property of the nation, but have become the property of the international bankers. Most debtors nations are totally incapable of buying their way out by any means. The United States is a classic example of this predicament. The implication is that sovereign nations have become slaves to the international banking system.

preston-jp-morgan-world-bank.jpgThe reality is that national sovereignty has been greatly compromised. Perhaps the idea of national sovereignty as a legal construct isn’t so important anyway. The global supports promoted by the international bankers has been shifting financial power from national societies to a singular financial society implemented through the international banking community. The international bankers have quietly built an international corporate banking cartel that rules the world through finance. Politicians of every stripe are fearful of rocking the boat because the perception of power is in money. This atmosphere creates a vicious circle of support and interdependence between international banking and nations of all sizes.

What new power will the United States and other indebted first-world nations cede to international banking in the future? What will debtor nations do in the name of security to maintain the illusion of wealth? Only time will tell as the world of creative corporate finance continues to evolve. Perhaps first-world nations are out of options while the international cartel of bankers hold all winning cards.


On a separate, but related note, Dr. Manning recommends watching this video. Wealth is never lost, but is transferred. This happens on a regular basis. First-world countries like the United States should prepare for that contingency. Preparing involves you. That is what this video is about. The footage runs 215 minutes. You should indulge yourself and spend some time right now. You will be glad you did.

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