Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

November 22, 2009

America and Sub-Optimal Solutions

Some economists and talking heads are finally figuring out that a national political paralysis is not a good thing. For generations the U.S. political system has been closely connected with money and a well-funded lobby. Gerrymandering on the part of politicians picks only the pockets of America. Americans have lost almost all control and China is cleaning the clocks of America. They own the U.S. national government through huge loans and in turn, the capital and power of the American people.

Now columnist Thomas Friedman is worried that America is producing “sub-optimal solutions” to big problems like an education system in decline and a weak economy. He also thinks cable news television distorts the truth and that the internet can be a terrible thing for the nation’s politics. He claims that American businesses have left the country, participating in America only when it suits their needs. Why? The corporate oligarchy is looking only after themselves. National concerns are not truly relevant to them.

Friedman talks about a crisis in self-governance but leaves out influence of the people. Strangely, Friedman doesn’t seem very concerned about the well-being of the American people or freedom of expression. He sees open viewpoints as a vehicle for extremists. He is concerned only with corporatism and how this is linked with government with the means of controlling the current power structure.

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