Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

April 7, 2008

Bankers Reap What They Sow

Banks are being overwhelmed by the U.S. housing crisis. Recent federal law enacted by President Bush is supposed to prohibit bankers from making dramatic moves against home buying borrowers during the crisis. As a result, the predatory lending that bankers have engaged in has come full circle. As homeowners stop paying mortages, more banks are often looking the other way.

This new approach by bankers presents problems for being able to effectively measure the banking crisis as well as violating their own by-laws and internal economics. The poor real estate market presents a major adjustment problem for bankers as home value continue to drop. Bankers have began to rationalize that owning an empty house that vandals can destroy or having homeowners trash homes before they leave as a result of ill will is not desirable.

The reality is that bankers are dramatically behind on dealing with the crisis. As a result, a record number of borrowers are at least 90 days late (more…)

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