Busted: Bankers and The Global Economy

January 12, 2009

Real Expectations for U.S. Jobs and Economy

lowering expectations

lowering expectations

When compared to the political wisdom being spread about in Washington, D.C. recently, the Federal Reserve, the government watchdog for the U.S. economy stands out in contrast. At the last FOMC meeting, the Fed admitted that (more…)

April 15, 2008

The Fed: Part of a New World Order

World Bankers don’t usually have the gift of great visionary prose. They haven’t yet revealed the man to field those ideas to the world, but the ideas of world revolution are in place right now. Federal Reserve Governor Kevin Warsh has expressed the kernel of sweeping global change in a new world vision! Does he know what he has? Yes. A new voice is needed, a new translation of vision. Global banking needs a global talking head. This new figurehead will be on the scene soon to express the beautiful truth of international visionary profiteering that will solve the problems of the world! The world has the makings of a new global structure, even religion. The saviors of the world are here at last! ~ E.M.

The sleepy complacency of the past has been rudely interrupted by a liquidity shock of colossal proportions. The skies of finance are dark and stormy. The drama within the banking and financial industries is unprecedented. The old financial system has not kept pace with the creativity of the minds in banking. New structured products designed to create profit and a new generation of wealth has frozen the core and means of banking and monetary finance. Fear rises like a giant bird of prey.

The old engineers of the new world in financing created only financial turmoil and calamity. The lack of understanding and foresight in their own system is fully birthed. The authority of the Federal Reserve and the world of central bankers stepped as a White Knight to supply the golden nectar of liquidity, the support of national confidence in the financial community. The golden nectar has laid the appearance of a new foundation and a new measure of confidence. (more…)

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