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How the Federal Reserve Bank Creates Money

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How the Federal Reserve Bank Creates Money by Elvis Manning
This article is copyrighted. Give E. Manning and this website credit.

dollar.jpgOn every $1 billion that the Federal Reserve receives in bonds from the government, the Federal Reserve Bank is legally allowed to create another $15 billion in new credit to lend to states, municipalities, businesses, and individuals or to give away overseas, to charity or the Iraq War. Added to the original $1 billion in bonds issued in debt, the Federal Reserve Bank has the ability to “legally” create $16 billion of created credit for interest-bearing loans. The only cost to the Federal Reserve Bank is approximately $1000 spent for printing the $1 billion that was loaned to the Government.

The Society of Bankers create money out of nothing by writing numbers in their ledger books, and then giving loans to the American people with this money. This allows the people to write checks or take cash (Federal Reserve Notes) on the numbers written in their accounts, and then requiring payment with interest. Money is simply numbers. These numbers are posted in a ledger book, on checks, or on dollar bills. Using this process, most banks are legally allowed to lend out up to 50 times of what they have on deposit, creating the money out of nothing and then charging interest on it.

Money is quite inexpensive to make: in neighborhood of 3 cents a bill. The institution that prints and creates the money has a tidy profit!

With the current federal debt, “we the people” could sign over the whole of the United States to the Society of Bankers and still owe them three more United States. The debt of this country continues to climb at a staggering rate, destined never to be repaid. The United States and most of the world has become totally enslaved to the Society of Bankers, owned lock, stock and barrel by the Vatican and its interests, a fraternal society of old Roman Empire control. ~ E. Manning


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